Frequently Asked Questions - Adopters

Q. Can I meet the dog before adopting?

A. Unfortunately not.  The Dalmatians are often at the other end of the country or many hours drive away.  In most cases they will go from their old home to their new one. 


Q. What happens if my application is accepted?

A. You will be contacted by one of our volunteers for a home check.  Further information on the process can be found on the Adoption Page

Q. How long will I have to wait for a suitable Dalmatian?

A. There is no definitive time.  It depends on many things that need to come together to enable a match for both adopter and dog.

Q. How will I know what my new dog likes?

A. You will be given as much information as possible about the dog before adoption. Food preferences, toys liked etc. However, this information is reliant on the honesty of the dogs owner.  You can be sure that we will give you all the information we have

Q. Will my new dog get on with my cat/rabbit/children?

A. Where we know the history of the dog we can tell you what we know.  Where the dog has little history because of the circumstances, then we are unable to say.  If the dog is with us, we do not have cats/rabbits/children, so cannot say.

Q.  Do I need to pay an adoption contribution?

A.  Yes, you will be required to pay an adoption contribution.  The contribution is on the applcation form and is dependant on the age of the dog. This enables us to carry on doing what we do. 

Q. Will I need to travel to pick up my dog?

A. There is an expectation that new owners will travel at least 2 hours to pick up their new arrival.

Where distances are large, volunteers help by forming a 'Dally Train' to get the dog to its

new home

Q. What if I cannot cope when I have the dog?

A. You will be expected to allow the dog to settle for a reasonable period, everything will be strange, - smells, routine, the dog will not know where to toilet etc.    If you need advice then please contact us, we will try our best to help.