Frequently Asked Questions - Surrendering Your Dog

Q.  I need to surrender my dog, what do I do?

A. Get in touch with us.Please give us as much information as possible, we are here for help and advice. We will not judge. Circumstances change and life often throws difficulties at us, we understand that. Sue (who set up and runs the rescue) knows this first hand, having had to give up her dog years ago, which is why she started DAS. She knows how difficult and heartbreaking it can be.

We do ask for a contribution of £100 to go towards transport/ vet bills / food etc if we are re homing your dog. 

If your dog has issues that mean it can not be re homed and will spend the rest of it's life here at DASville as one of oour sanctuary dogs, we now ask that you contribute what you can afford each month towards it's continued living costs ....... food/vet bills and anything else the dog needs.

We have limited funding but would not refuse to help your dog due to a lack of funds.

Q. I need to know my dog will be happy and safe

A. Our priority is always the safety and happiness of the dogs. We match the dog to the adopter, so it is not a first come, first serve basis. We will do everything we can to ensure your dog goes to a loving home and keep in touch with the family

Q.  Will I be able to contact the new owners for updates?

A. At DAS Dalmatians we do provide updates for previous owners but only through us and not directly with the new owners for as long as the new family feel comfortable with, their privacy also has to be respected. This is something that not all rescues do

Q. Can you take my dog straightaway?

A. We would ask that you try to give as much time as possible for us to find the most suitable person for your dog. We only have limited space at DASVILLE, as our dogs are not in kennels but live 'free range'. However, please speak to us and we will do our best to help.

Q. My dog is not neutered/spayed, is that a problem?

A.DAS Dalmatians have a neutering policy. If your dog is too young to be neutered, then it would be a condition of the adoption to have this performed as soon as possible.

Q. I have an old dog that I can no longer look after, will you take it for the rest of it's life?

A. If we have room, then yes we will. We have an ever growing OAP group here who will live out the rest of their days with us. We would ask that you contirbute what you can afford on a monthly basis towards their care as they may need suppliments, more frequent vet visits, hydrotherapy etc and we do not have thousands in the bank to cover it all.



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