There are many reasons why your dog may need to be rehomed - family circumstances, behavioural difficulties or change in personal circumstances are just a few.   

We recognise that this is not a decision which is taken lightly and sometimes all that may be needed is some advice and support which we can offer.

 If the decision to re home has been made then we would ask that you contact us, whatever the circumstances and we will do our best to help.

We will not judge you, but we do ask for honesty when completing questions regarding your dog.  This helps us in deciding their future home.

 In the first instance you will be asked to complete a form for details of your dog.  This includes a little about your dog such as medical history, food eaten, likes and dislikes etc. One of our volunteers will then contact you to come and assess the dog.

As a non profit rescue we now ask for a contribution of £100 per dog towards the costs of transporting, neutering at the appropriate age, vet bills and food for your surrendered dog.

Our aim is to find the most suitable home and family for your dog, to ensure their continued care and happiness. 

Unlike other rescues, we can provide updates for a peroid of time if required to put your mind at ease but this is done via the rescue not directly with the new owner.

We are in a unique position at DAS that we are able to take dogs at short notice if we have room…. We do not have kennels, the dogs live with us as part of our family.

We are able to take dogs that have behavioural issues that may lead to them being euthanised, if we have room … so far we have stopped this happening to over 40 dogs.

We also liaise with other rescues, vet practices, social services and police forces around the UK.

We also take elderly dogs and end of life dogs to make sure they live their days out in comfort


Please contact us via email:

We do what we do to ensure the dogs are happy in their new lives

Surrendering your precious dog


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