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Home Checks


Before anyone can adopt a dog from DAS Dalmatians, they are required to have a home check.

This involves making an appointment with the prospective adopter and then going to meet them.  You will be given guidance, a form to complete and we always suggest that you take someone else with you.  Home checks are usually near to your own home address, so you will not be asked to travel miles to complete one

We rely on your honesty and findings to enable us to make a decision about  adoption suitability and matching the new owners to the most appropriate dog.

This is an important part of the adoption process. 

You will be asked to complete the form and send it back to DAS as soon as possible after your visit so that there are no delays.

If you think you could help with this please email your details to the address at the bottom of the page 

Dog Assessments

Surrendering a dog is often a very hard decision to make.  It can be emotional and very difficult, so when assessing a dog, it is important to acknowledge this with the owner.

Always good to give a brief explanation of what will happen following the assessment, even though they will have been told before and to try to answer any questions they may have.

You will be given a form to complete about the dog with details such as food eaten, favourite toy etc. 

Again we would suggest you take someone else with you.  You may also be asked to take photographs of the dog and ask for any papers etc

If you think you could help with this please email your details to the address at the bottom of the page



Dogs often go from their old home to their new home and this can be many miles away. 

Whilst it is expected that the new owners will travel a reasonable distance for the dog, it is often necessary to ask for help with transport.  Usually 'Dally Trains' are set up with people travelling as much as they are able from one point to another.  These changeover points are usually service stations. Communication with others on 'the train' is always made so that times can be more accurate due to traffic etc. 

Securing the dog in your car is a must. 

Taking part in getting a Dally to a new home and having the pleasure of their company on that journey is always a rewarding feeling.

If you think you could help with this, please email your details to the address below.