DAS Wish List 

Here you can help any one of the sanctuary spots with their daily needs.

You can still contirbute towards their living costs by donating via a bank transfer if preferred.
Please ask for details: info@dasdogs.co.uk

Some need medications and others joint supplements. 

Please note that we are only asking for a contribution towards the cost of prescription medication.

Due to difficulties with deliveries (we are down a dirt track and even the Post Office won't deliver to us) it's not viable to have on of the big business Wish Lists, so this is the DAS way.   

Doing it this way also means we can secure the best prices and help smaller businesses rather than the huge ones.  

These items are not sent to you, you are making a donation towards the items that the kids need.

If you would like to help any of the lovely spotty botties below, we and they would be very grateful. 

You can find out more about any of the sanctuary dogs and how you can sponsor them on https://www.dasdalmatians.co.uk/sponsor-a-spot