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'The Oldies'

There can be nothing more rewarding than making the last years of a dal's life the best they can be 

My face may be white but my heart is pure gold. There is no shame in growing old

These are the older dogs, over 10 years of age that have been rescued by DAS but following assessment cannot be rehomed due to age, medical issues or behavioural issues.

They are the DAS Sanctuary dogs.

They will live out their lives being cared for and loved by us ... they are our family. 

Each one has their own story to tell.  Below is a snippet of what they have been through.

Some of them need hydrotherapy and laser therapy and they all take suppliments to help with creaking joints.

If you would like to help us care for them please download and complete the form. 

Thank you


Tempy RIP


I am Tempy.

I am 13 1/2 years young.​

  My ears don't work anymore.​

I was going to be PTS for allegedly biting the dog sitter.

The vet said that cos I was so old, I would do it again .

I hadn’t been to the vet’s for over 2 years and yet she wanted to kill me without seeing if I was ill.​

I only weighed 18kg and was a bag of bones, that’s why Mum called me Tempy.​

I am such a gentle soul and am not hungry anymore and don’t have sticky out ribs.​

I am one of the quiet ones that loves to go to the beach and have a nice long walk.



Kindly sponsored by 

Nicki Bamber

Dylan Weatherburn-Bird


Zak & Zena


Zak and Zena are 11 1/2 years young.

We are brother and sister and have always been together.

Sadly our first Mum died and we needed a place to call home together, so DAS offered, we don't want to be seperated.

 Unfortunately, we had 2 litters of puppies together before we were neuterd.

I am a stone former (Zak) and have had quite a few procedures done in the past but I didn't see a vet for 3 years so never had my medication to take .... I was struggling to wee a little bit when I got here but Mum has put me on Dr John Silver and floats my food so now I am  ok. I am also a bit unpredictable and like to bite both hoomans and other dogs but I am getting better as Mum is teaching me that it is naughty to bite.

I am covered in old bite marks from Zak ( Zena) and the puppy that was kept. I am a quiet little girl and all want to do is have cuddles and give you kisses......thankfully, Zak does not attack me anymore.

Very sadly Zena now has the onset of dementia but we are giving her suppliments to try to help her and as my old boy Thor had dementia, we know what we are dealing with and will make sure she gets the care and love she deserves.

Zak is now going to hydrotherapy every week as his back end is not what it should be.

Kindly sponsored by

Lyn Leslie 

Sandra Morrison

I am Ollie.

I am 11 years young.

I was adopted 2 years ago. 

I was given away to one of my adopters tenants, who moved out after a few months and couldnt take me with him so gave me back to my adopters. 

Despite DAS offering to take me back I was given to a 'family friend' who it turned out was a delivery driver who had never seen me !! 

I was then dumped at a vets surgery after it was claimed I had been found tied to a tree near where I was adopted to, the vets though was actually an hour away! ​

The vets traced me back to DAS and Auntie Sue by scanning my chip.

  I am very happy that some amazing people came for me and took me back to Auntie Sue who is now my Mum and I am home. 

Mum said that I made her cry when I arrived because I look so like her beautiful Floyd who has gone over Rainbow Bridge. ​

I know that I am safe now and will be loved forever by my Mum and Dad

Ollie is now going to hydrotherapy every week as his back end is not what it should be 



Kindly sponsored by

Ivor Clayton-Smith

Shonee Bowtell


Ollie RIP


Charlie RIP 
aka Tatty Teddy


I am Charlie.

I am 14 1/2 years young.

 Mum and Dad call me Tatty Teddy! 

 My ears don't work and my eyes are a bit old now.

 They say that I look like an old teddy that has lost some of it’s stuffing cos when I put my head down, I have lots of creases. 

I came here when another rescue was raided and all the animals were taken away in May 2019.

  I could hardly walk when I got here cos my nails were so long and I was very shut down.... I now have running races with my Mum !!​

  Now I can play with all my brothers and sisters if I want to and I have a little group of elderly spots who have become my friends. ​

I love life now and since being here I have been to the woods and the beach and I go to hydro every week to swim. ​

Mum says I am one of the smartest cookies she’s ever met, I can wrap her around my little paws. ​

I am very happy here, Mum and Dad look after me very well. 

My back end is a bit bungered now so Mum and Dad have bought me a Chaz Chariot so that I can still go for walks but when I am tired, I can be pushed .... I feel like a king :) 

Kindly sponsored by 

Ingrid Baker

Emma Poole

Rachel & Ben Wilson

Samantha Brown




I am Possum. 

I am 10 years young.

. My first Dad was very poorly so I was given to a rescue but I didn’t like being in kennels so they rang DAS and asked if I could come and live here.

It was known that I had seizures in the past but had not had treatment for them.

I had some seizures here and I was put on some medication but I had another really bad one that lasted for over an hour and a half so I now take more tablets and I am a lot better, paws crossed.

I now have a new vet who checks my blood and has told Mum of a new way to give me my diazepam when I am having a fit. My last fit only lasted for 2 minutes and I also now take 2 1/2 Epirepress twice per day.

I have now put weight on and the sores on my legs have healed.


As you know, I am quite often in tears but today they are very happy tears.

I have just had a call of one of our vets, Peter.

After Possum spending the day with our vets 2 weeks ago after one of his episodes and chatting to Peter about them, he wondered if it was something else...................

Possum actually has movement disorder or it's posh name is Paroxymal Dyskinesia

He has been wrongly diagnosed with epilepsy by previous vets over the years ..... we have never understood how a dog that can 'fit' for nearly 2 hours is not dead and yet remains fully responsive to commands

It was confirmed by a neuro specialist who also saw some video's we took on Sunday of Possum having another one.

He can now be weaned off his barbiturates slowly but he can still have diazepam to help with the muscle spasms.

Peter, you are my hero, thank you so much

this fact sheet is just Possum to a T ........ PD = Possum Disorder :)…/paroxysmal-dyskinesia-fact-…/


I am a very happy boy here cos I can choose where I go to sleep.....there are lots of sofa’s and beds to choose form and a huge field to play in.

My new Mum and Dad say I am cheeky and I love to try to catch water from a water pistol, it’s my new favourite game!

I love living here



Kindly sponsored by

Nikita Mckeown Smith

Margot Lewis



My name is Penny

 I am 11 years old.

I am a liver spotted Dalmatian. 

Up until 2 years ago my life was not very good. I was mistreated and beaten and was not a happy girl. 

Then 2 years ago I was rescued by a lovely lady who I was happy to call Mum cos she loved and cared for me.  We were together for just over 2 years but her circumstances changed and I had to be rehomed.  She was very sad.  

I came to DASVILLE and I am loving it here.

  I have made lots of friends and sometimes me and Cooper are caught having a little smooch on the sofa. 

He is a lovely boy!

  I really like it here as there is lots of space to play and lots of friends too and we go to the beach and to the park

Kindly Sponsored by


Isabella Zambon

Leigh Clifford

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