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SOS ... Sponsor Our Spots

If you can't have a dog for whatever reason, then why not sponsor one of our gorgeous spots ?


This can be done as a monthly or yearly donation, it's up to you

You can also SOS as a gift for someone ... please ask for details

The hardest bit is choosing which one!

Click on the arrows on each slide to see all the dogs 

The Oldies-over 10 years of age

My face may be white but my heart is pure gold. There is no shame in growing old

Coco Aka Princess Pudding Grannymal 

Kindly Sponsored


Lynne Coxon Old Mum

Margot Lewis

Ivor Grayson Smith

Princess Pudding 13 FEBRUARY

Blessed are we who have earned the love of an old dog

Sydney Jeanne Seward 

The Young Ones-Under 10 years of age

Our hearts have been healed by your love and our worlds have changed forever



Kindly Sponsored by 

Margaret Lightfoot

Kerry Wright

Joyce Barlow

Simon Heald


I’m deaf but I can hear with my heart

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