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These are the dogs that have been rescued by DAS but following assessment cannot be rehomed due to age, medical issues or behavioural issues. They will live out their lives being cared for by us.

Each one has their own story to tell.  Below is a snippet of what they have been through

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I am Devon.

I am 4 years old.

 I was reported to be aggressive but I am really very frightened ….. of everything.

I have played here and been a good boy.

 I have been ‘adopted’ twice but was too scared to stay and caused problems for my new family and they didn’t listen to the advice my Mum gave them and made me be even more scared.

 I feel safe now with Mum and Dad and they have said I can stay with them as they understand me and I trust them not to do anything bad to me.

 I love them very much and am Mum’s shadow cos I follow her everywhere.

​Kindly sponsored by 

Margaret Lightfoot

Sarah Weatherburn-Bird


I am Fido.

 I am 7 years young.

I came over to the UK from Spain with another rescue but I was not a happy boy. 

They asked DAS for help and Mum said yes…..I came here because I was threatened to be PTS because it was reported that I was aggressive and biting.

My Mum and Dad say I am the biggest, softest cheekiest boy .

I used to nip to get attention but I don’t do it anymore cos Mum told me it was naughty.

I love my life now.

Fido is currenlty not sponsored



I am Haribo.

I am now 7 years young.

I have lots of names Harigob , Hairy Butt Mutt to name a few ….I am called Haribo cos I am the sweetest boy !

I came here in September 2017 aged 5 from the North East, I was very overweight tipping the scales at 64kg. 

I was castrated far too young at 6 months old and probably because of that I developed stones and had to have a urethrostomy when I was 1 year old. 

I have arthritis in my joints and toes and walk strangely because of my hips. When I arrived here I had a large horrific hole in one of my legs and my vet bills were astronomical and Mum said I was a waddling crock! 

The hole in my leg was horrible and it’s a good job I had Mum as my nurse or I might not have got better.

We went through some tough times together and Mum was scared I might have had to be PTS if my wounds got infected or did not heal. 

Not only did she make my leg better she fed me smaller amounts and I lost weight so now I am a big lean boy.

My hips still have problems and I have had laser treatment for it. I got to wear really cool glasses too when it was happening. 

 I am a bit bigger than some of my Dalmatian brothers and sisters and I still need painkillers and supplements to help my joints. 

My Mum says I am a right royal pain in the bum sometimes but she still loves me and I totally love her and Dad.



Kindly sponsored by

Louise Avery

Lorraine Brightman

Kay Naylor


I am Paloma.

I am 5 years old.

I am called Paloma after the singer cos I too am unique!

 I came here because I was a naughty girl and 'bit' my Mum so the vet said I should be killed.

My family rang  my Mum and asked her to help so I'm now living with her and my Dad.

When I met my Dad, I had a muzzle on cos I wanted to rip him to shreds but my Mum took it off me when we got back here and she sat talking to me telling me that it was going to be ok...I still wanted to eat her though.


Then when all the other critters were inside, they let me out to explore and I went and sat with them cos really they are not that scary and Mum gave me some nice tasty things to eat.


Dad said I was beautiful and that they were going to help me not be scared


I spent the first 2 weeks wanting to eat them cos I was so frightened, this was not my home and I don't know them .

I have been here for nearly 2 years now and I am still scared sometimes and don’t like strangers cos I want to eat them.


Mum has to put me inside when people come to visit but I love my brothers and sisters and adore my new Mum and Dad.


  I am glad that my original mum and dad didn’t listen to the nasty vet and found mum and dad to love me.



Kindly sponsored by

Margaret Lightfoot

My name is Edna and I am with the oldies cos I am 13 and 7 months.  I came here because my owner was made homeless and I had nowhere to go.  My new Mum, Sue took me to the vets and I needed to have 9 teeth removed because they were bad ! I put them under my bed for the tooth fairy cos Mum said it had cost a lot to get rid of them.  I feel much better now and am enjoying my life here.  I have even been paddling in the sea with Dad.  I loved it!   There are a few of us oldies so it’s nice to be among new friends and have a lovely field to play in.  When I get tired I have a very comfortable bed to sleep in and that helps my old creaking joints. 


It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that Edna crossed Rainbow Bridge on 25 November 2019.  She will be missed by all her DAS family.  

Run Free Edna 

We miss you beautiful Eggnog



Kindly sponsored in loving memory by

Deborah Higgs


I am Denzil. 

 I am 2 years old.


 I also have broken ears.


I am here cos I was a really naughty boy in my old home, I used to bite my family and visitors and they loved me but thought I needed to come here to DAS to stop me from being PTS.


I wanted to go home in the first few days and used to cry a lot and try to get out but my new Mum used to get up and watch the sun come up with me to try to stop me crying.


I was naughty at first and wanted to bite Mum and Dad but I am ok now cos I trust them and I am learning what I can and can’t do in the house …chairs at the table are for hoomans only!


I have lots of friends to play with here and Cooper is my new best mate, we like to play bitey face a lot and chase each other around over the hay bales.

I also love to play with the Danes and Chumlee the Sarplaninac

I met my new Gran and hooman brother at Christmas and loved them too



Kindly sponsored by

Charlotte McConnachie


I am Trooper Cooper.

I am 3 years old.

I fell out with my older hooman brother so am here with Mum and Dad now.

 My ears are broken too but I am really good at reading your eyes and hands.


I love to play with all my brothers and sisters and have lots of cuddles.

Mum thinks I am made of rubber cos of all the silly positions I get in when I go to sleep. 

I am very happy here and love to play in the field and get dirty.

Kindly sponsored by

Margaret Lightfoot

Kerry Wright


I am Blue.

 I am 12 years young. 

I came here cos my Mum suddenly died and no one knew what to do with me so I was going to be PTS.

My Dad Dave drove a long way to come and get me on the day he was asked to save me.

I can be a grumpy old man and I don’t like all dogs but I am loved and that’s all that matters. 

It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that Blue crossed Rainbow Bridge on 19 January 2020. 


He will be missed by all his DAS family. 


Run Free Blue ... we love you mate


Kindly sponsored by

Matt & Rachel Ryznar


I amLogan.

I am7 years young.

I have been with Mum and Dad for nearly 3 years.

 My ears are broken cos I am deaf like some of my brothers here and sometimes I am naughty because I ignore Mum’s hands when she is trying to speak to me.

Before I got here, I was dumped in some kennels in Lancashire but I was lucky cos Mum got someone to help get me out and come here. 

It’s a good job she did cos I might have died otherwise.

I wasn’t very well when I got here cos my wee had blood in it. 

Mum rang the kennels but they said I wasn’t doing it there! 

Anyway Mum took me to the vets to have my bits chopped off and he said I had no stones, so that was good. 

I now eat Dr John Silver food and have it floated to help me not get any stones.


I am a loving and gentle boy at home but take me out of it and I want to eat anything smaller than me.


  I don’t know why, it just happens, so I cannot go anywhere else to live.


I am part of the crocodile gang and always in the middle of playtime. 


I love it here and I love my Mum and Dad very much.



Kindly sponsored by 

Lynne Coxon

Anne O'Hear


I am Tempy.

I am 13 years young.

 I have been here for nearly 2 years now.

My ears don't work anymore.

I was going to be PTS for allegedly biting the dog sitter.


The vet said that cos I was so old, I would do it again .


I hadn’t been to the vet’s for over 2 years and yet she wanted to kill me without seeing if I was ill.

I only weighed 18kg and was a bag of bones, that’s why Mum called me Tempy.

I am such a gentle soul and am not hungry anymore and don’t have sticky out ribs.

I am one of the quiet ones that loves to go to the beach and have a nice long walk.



Kindly sponsored by 

Nicki Bamber

Dylan Weatherburn-Bird


I am Charlie.

I am 14 years young,


 Mum and Dad call me Tatty Teddy! 


My ears don't work and my eyes are a bit old now. 


 They say that I look like an old teddy that has lost some of it’s stuffing cos when I put my head down, I have lots of creases. 


I came here when another rescue was raided and all the animals were taken away.


  I could hardly walk when I got here cos my nails were so long and I was very shut down.... I now have running races with my Mum !!

  Now I can play with all my brothers and sisters if I want to and I have a little group of elderly spots who have become my friends. 

I love life now and since being here I have been to the woods and the beach and I go to hydro every week to swim. 

Mum says I am one of the smartest cookies she’s ever met, I can wrap her around my little paws. 

I am very happy here, Mum and Dad look after me very well. 

Kindly sponsored by 

Ingrid Baker

Emma Poole

Rachel & Ben Wilson

Samantha Brown

I am Snogga.

I am 6 years old.

I also have broken ears.

I came from the same place as Tatty and Panda.


My Mum and Dad were told in a phone call that I was a dalmatian x great dane so I was put on the transport van to come here.


I was bored and frightened in the van so I ate the front of the cage.


I got out of the van and they wondered what I was cos I am an American Bulldog!!


Tatty and the others went to bed when we got here but I was very scared so we played ball in the field at 05.30, that was fun!


I'm called Snogga cos all I want to do is kiss you …. I am a very gentle boy but have had a bad life.


I have lots of new friends to play now


Snogga is now available to adopt

Kindly sponsored by

Elizabeth Surl


I am Panda-Monium.

I am 6 years young. 

I have black around my eyes like a panda and I am deaf.

I came here from the same place as Tatty but I love being here cos I can run and play and woof at everyone......Dad has taught me to woof at him when he pulls his tongue out at me, he says I am very cheeky.

Panda is now available to adopt



Kindly sponsored by

Tracey Smart     



I am MOuse.

I am 5 years young.

It is 3 years since my Mum came to collect me from the kennels, she had come the week before but I was reserved and then not collected. 

  My life before that  was not very good, I had been sold, passed around and dumped. 

When I was 9 months old I became Dad to a litter of puppies and then was locked in a garage because they thought I was naughty and never did as I was told.  That was because I couldn’t hear them talking/shouting at me……I am deaf.

Mum took me home and she said I squeaked in her ear all the way back so that’s when she called me MOuse! 


I love my Mum and Dad and I know they love me. 


They say I am a character and very well behaved both on and off the lead. 

Mum says that I am a blessing in her life even though I am deaf and I love being the DAS mascot.

Mum and Dad promised me and the kennels they got me from that they would keep me, to stop me being passed around and being unhappy.  

I love my Mum and Dad very much and I am a very happy boy here being a permanent DAS dog and playing with all by brothers and sisters.



Kindly sponsored by

Valerie Bayliss

Margaret Lightfoot


I am Braderleeeeeeeee.

  I am 13 in April and came here in July 18.


It was recommended by the BIG rescues in the UK that I should be PTS cos of my age and reportedly not liking other dogs so his family asked us to look after him.

 I love my brothers and sisters here.


I hadn’t been walked for quite a long time and had muscle wastage on my back end.


I have since been diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy and osteoarthritis and am currently undergoing hydrotherapy on a treadmill every week which is helping me greatly …. I now think I am Linford Christie ! 


My back end is deteriorating so I have laser therapy sometimes and Mum says I will get the best treatment for the rest of my days here.

I am  incredibly cheeky and am adored by all who meet me.

I also take a mixture of medication and supplements to help keep me going. 



sponsored by

Nicola James


I am Ollie.

I am 10 years young.


I was adopted 2 years ago. 


In November I was given away to one of my adopters tenants, who moved out after a few months and couldnt take me with him so gave me back to my adopters. 


Despite DAS offering to take me back I was given to a 'family friend' who it turned out was a delivery driver who had never seen me !! 


I was then dumped at a vets surgery after it was claimed I had been found tied to a tree near where I was adopted to, the vets though was actually an hour away! 

The vets traced me back to DAS and Auntie Sue by scanning my chip.


  I am very happy that some amazing people came for me and took me back to Auntie Sue who is now my Mum and I am home. 


Mum said that I made her cry when I arrived because I look so like her beautiful Floyd who has gone over Rainbow Bridge.   

I know that I am safe now and will be loved forever by my Mum and Dad



Kindly sponsored by

Ivor Clayton-Smith

Shonee Bowtell

I am Possum.

I am 10 years young.


. My first Dad was very poorly so I was given to a rescue but I didn’t like being in kennels so they rang DAS and asked if I could come and live here.


It was known that I had seizures in the past but had not had treatment for them.


I had 2 seizures here and my new vet put me on some medication but I had another really bad one so I now take more tablets and I am a lot better, paws crossed.


I have now put weight on and the sores on my legs have healed.


I am a very happy boy here cos I can choose where I go to sleep.....there are lots of sofa’s and beds to choose form and a huge field to play in.


My new Mum and Dad say I am cheeky and I love to try to catch water from a water pistol, it’s my new favourite game!


I love living here



Kindly sponsored by

Nikita Mckeown Smith

I am Scooter.

I am 7 years young.

Mum says I am a nutter cos I am a little bit unpredictable ….. I like to make scary noises and want to eat you when I have food.

I have an odd shaped skull cos something happened to me when I was a puppy and Mum thinks that may be why I am like I am.

Her and Dad still love me though.

I love to go out to the beach and the woods cos children love me and I get lots of cuddles off them and I can run around,



Kindly sponsored by 

Helen Greenan

Shonee Bowtell

Lawrence, Lorraine & Catherine Curry