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DAS Dalmatians are an independant non profit rescue and sanctuary and are not affiliated to any other breed specific rescue, breeders or breed club.

We are the only UK Dalmatian sanctuary.

We do not have kennels, the dogs have the freedom of where we live and have permanent access to their field. We believe keeping them in a home environment is much better for their wellbeing.

They live in luxury with leather sofa's and comfy quilts and are a very happy bunch of kids.

We also help Great Danes and other Giant breeds.

We offer sanctuary to dalmatians that are deaf, elderly, have a bite history, that have reported aggression issues, are acutely ill and that have also been turned away by other rescues due to these and other problems.

We assess and rehabilitate where we can and those dogs will then be rehomed by us if possible.

For those dogs that are not rehomable due to these issues, they will spend the rest of their days here with us being loved and cared for.

There is always someone here to help 

We also have quite a few deaf kids here at DAS and have rehomed many over the last few years..........they all lead a normal, happy carefree life.

If you have a dog that needs our help, please e mail us and leave a contact number



For over 5 years, my whole life has been centred around helping people with their dogs to the point of Dave and myself having no life anymore and my health suffering.


I am tired of trying to sort other people's lives out when it is not my responsibility ..... breeders and greeders need to step up and take the dogs back that they brought into the world.

I am tired of spending hours and hours trying to help people, setting up transport runs with our volunteers only for people to stop communicating or changing their minds at the last minute by saying they have given the dog away or don't want to adopt now hours before....there are so many more examples to give :( 

We stopped rehoming in the past and then people kept e mailing asking for help because others had been rude or unhelpful and were being told it could take months to rehome the dog.

There are so many other things that go on day to day that no one knows about, it rips your heart out to the point where there is nothing left to give. 

My soul is destroyed by others.

From now on, I am putting the DAS kids first, then Dave and then me and then rehoming

DAS will always help you with deaf dogs, problem dogs, elderly, PTS, end of life and the ones that others turn away if we have room.......they are my reason for carrying on.


Rescue is a lifestyle, it's not a hobby, it's not a passing fad. 

You live it......breathe it......love it 24/7.   

Your purpose for living is to change the life of a rescue pet .... one at a time.

If you don't get it........you don't get me. 

In every sense of the word.

Adopt don't shop


We will do our utmost to rescue :-

Any Dalmatian in a situation that is detrimental to their welfare. 

Any Dalmatian that is at risk of being euthanised.


We will always try to rehabilitate any Dalmatian in our care that is showing behavioural difficulties.

Often they are frightened, can be victims of abuse, they may have been used for breeding and have had little human contact.

Whatever the circumstance, if they can be helped they will have a safe environment to live in.

If, for whatever reason they cannot be rehomed, they will live out their life at DASville in our sanctuary.

 Here they will live 'free range' as part of the DAS family..... No kennels but being part of the family and loved furever.



We have rehomed many Dalmatians in the last few years...approximatley 50-60 each year. 

We still continue to help dogs that may need a space here at the sanctuary if we have room.


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