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DAS Dalmatians are an independant non profit rescue and sanctuary and are not affiliated to any other rescue, breeders or breed club.

We do not have a rescue centre or kennels where you can come and view the dogs looking for their furever homes.

The vast majority of DAS dogs that need a new home go straight from their old home to their new home after being assessed by us.


Therefore, you may not meet the dog prior to adopting.


If this is not how you want to proceed, then I very politely suggest that you do not apply to adopt from us.

We are a UK based rescue and sanctuary and only re home UK dogs to the UK. 

ALL dogs adopted from DAS are given a lifetime of rescue back up and are not allowed to be sold/given away or rehomed by their adopter ..... they must be returned to us.

We offer sanctuary to dalmatians that are elderly, have a bite history, that have reported aggression issues, are acutley ill and that have also been turned away by other rescues due to these and other problems.

We are in a unique position for dalmatians that need help urgently as we are able to have them instantly here at DASville

(If we have room and we may be able help transport them to us )

The dogs are part of our family and choose where they sleep both during the day and at night .... they have leather sofa's, quilts and comfy beds .... we do not have kennels.

They have access 24/7 to a large field to play in..... we believe that keeping them in a ‘home environment’ is better for them and less stressful than being shut in kennels.

We do not pick the easiest dogs to help and rehome.

We will try to help any dog that needs us and take the ones that other rescues refuse to help.

We also help elderly Dalmatians, chronically ill dogs and those that are going to be PTS for having issues .......... we assess them and rehabilitate them where possible.

For dogs that are deemed as not rehomable, they will spend the rest of their days as DAS sanctuary dogs and be part of our family.


We also have a few select foster homes throughout the UK for emergencies

(these are people who have had or currently have spotty friends as part of their family so they know the breed well)

There is always someone here to help you.


As a sanctuary and rescue, we are often asked about food for dalmatians.


Dalmatians need a low purine diet to help avoid the formation of crystals and stones.... an area that can be a minefield for some people.

We at DAS Dalmatians have been feeding our spotty botties for nearly 4 years with Dr John Sliver, chicken and vegetables.

We have several stone formers here, some have urethrostomies and some were actually passing stones when they arrived.

In our experience, feeding them Silver and floating their food in water actually stopped the stones from forming so we continue to use it for all of the dogs 


I would like to point out that DAS Dalmatians do not receive anything from GILPA for promoting their food

Rescue is a lifestyle, it's not a hobby, it's not a passing fad. 

You live it......breathe it......love it 24/7.   

Your purpose for living is to change the life of a rescue pet .... one at a time.

If you don't get it........you don't get me. 

In every sense of the word.

Adopt don't shop


We will do our utmost to rescue :-

Any Dalmatian in a situation that is detrimental to their welfare. 

Any Dalmatian that is at risk of being euthanised


We will always try to rehabilitate any Dalmatian in our care that is showing behavioural difficulties.

Often they are frightened, can be victims of abuse, they may have been used for breeding and have had little human contact.

Whatever the circumstance, if they can be helped they will have a safe environment to live in.

If, for whatever reason they cannot be rehomed, they will live out their life at DASville. Here they will live 'free range' as part of the DAS family. No kennels but being part of the family



We have rehomed many Dalmatians.  Circumstances can change and people have to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome their much loved friend.

We match the dog to the family and have found that this works well.  It is likely that adopters will not meet their adoptive Dalmatian but will be given as much information as possible.  

An adoption contribution is required and this helps us to continue to do the work we do. 

Dalmatians adopted through DAS Dalmatians have lifetime back up.  

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