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Kisses from Fido
Great Dane



DAS is made up of Dave And Sue, Danni And Shirley

They really are a double DAS Team !!

When they first set up in 2016, Dave and Sue's initials made the Dalmatian Adoption Society which has evolved over the years to be DAS Dalmatians Sanctuary.

Dave was in the RAF for 16 years, serving his country during the Falklands War, the 1st Gulf War, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and many more ... he bears the scars both inside and out.

He is lucky to be able to work from home so he can still help with the kids if needed.

He's also famously said that he doesn't like dogs as you can see from the photos, he really doesn't !!

Cuddles for MOuse
Dalmatians in the Snow
The Gang
DAS Dalmatians

Sue's background is the private care sector and also the NHS ...her favourite jobs were with both spinal and brain injury patients with a smattering of urology and general surgery.

Her love of Dalmatians,Danes and the kids with the help and encouragement of Dave, Shirley and Danni is what drives her and keeps her going everyday.

Her hatred of having photo's taken means you do not very often see her. 

At the beach
Out for a walk
DAS Dalmatians
DAS Walk

Shirley's involvement with DAS started after she followed the story of the 15 1/2 year old boy Floyd that DAS took in and his bucket list that followed.

Shirley and her family have had 4 Dalmatians over the years .. Domino, Harry, Jack and Max .... Harry was a failed DAS foster and Max is a DAS boy too.

Shirley was a paediatric nurse for many years and shares Sue's love of the oldies.


Shirley and her husband have fostered, done home checks, dog assessments and many, many journeys to get dogs to DAS and to their furever homes as well as making trips down from Yorkshire when DAS needs practical help around the farm.

If it was not for her and her organisational skills running the Fundraising group on Facebook and helping to run the main page plus doing many many more tasks behind the scenes and supporting Sue and Dave like her family do, DAS would not exist.

Shirley, like Sue also hates having photos taken but has been brave !

Jack Dalmatian

Danni first came to know about DAS when the plight to find a furever home for a 3 legged Dalmatian in Bahrain was brought to her attention. She fostered him for a month while the arrangements were being made and then sent him on his way to Devon.

He is the famous Luca – the 3 legged hooligan.

Danni visited DAS in August 2022 and had an amazing couple of days with Sue, Dave and the kids.

Danni moved from the UK to Bahrain in 2006 to work as a flight attendant with Gulf Air. After 5 and a half years of jetting around the world, she came back down to earth, started a corporate job and is now the manager of an Australian based business center in Bahrain. 


Danni has always loved Dalmatians and when she was growing up, she used to walk one for a lady after school.


Danni got her first Dalmatians in 2014 after rescuing them from the roof top of a house where they were being tied up.


She now has 4 spotty botties and a rescued street dog. 

Danni is also an admin for DAS in Facebook and runs the Instagram account plus helps in many other ways .... encouraging Sue that wine is medication and good for the soul .... something Sue totally agrees with !!

Luca and Danni
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