Adopting a DAS dog

The majority of dogs go directly to their new home from their old one and can be located anywhere in the UK, it will not be possible for you to meet them prior to adoption. We go and meet and assess the dogs and pass all the relevant information on to prospective adopters and provide a life time rescue back up to all the dogs.................if this is not the way you want to proceed, then please do not apply to adopt from us.

If you feel you have the time, love and care to give a furever home to one of our gorgeous Dalmatians, then please complete an application form for adoption. 

We would ask that you complete the questions on this form with honesty, as it forms the basis for selecting the right dog for you. 

DAS Dalmatians does not rehome on a first come, first served basis but matches owners with the dog.  This has proved very successful as very few dogs are returned to us. 


Please fill in all of the adoption application form and add the extra information that is required or we will not be able to proceed.

Once the adoption application form has been approved then a home assessment will be made.  This is completed by appointment and helps to ensure that everything is in place for the adoption to take place.

If a dog is not neutered, then it will be re homed with a neutering contract in place and must be done at the appropriate age.

There is an expectation that the adopter will travel a reasonable distance to pick up their new member of the family. 

Where great distances need to be travelled, it may be possible for some volunteers to help transport the dog between certain towns forming a ‘dally train’ so the dog reaches the destination required, although this can not be guaranteed.

 Like other rescues we ask for an adoption contribution.  These are detailed on the form.  This helps us to do what we do and is used for the dogs in our care





From June 2020, when a dog becomes available to adopt, we will post that dog on our Facebook page and this page and invite people to apply for that specific dog by e mailing us and we will then send a new application form by return for you to complete……application forms can no longer be downloaded from here

Also please make sure you mark our e mail as safe to avoid it going into your spam folder.


DAS consists of Sue, Chris and Shirley and Sam who do the fundraising. We all have families and jobs and our time is very limited.


We do hope you understand and please keep your eyes on our facebook page and website for dogs available in future.



Applications are now open for Dotty 

I am Dotty n yes I am dotty n bonkers n my brother MOuse calls me Little Shit Head cos I'm so small that I can run underneath everyone !
They think I may be about 8 years old but I'm not really ..... I'm full of energy and love to run in the field.
I didn't have a good life, I was used to breed from and then I spent 4  happy years with a family but they got 2 new spotty girlies and we have been fighting so I am here with Mum n Dad at DASville.
I have been really good here n not fallen out with any of the woofers, even the big scarey bears !
I'm strong on my lead and can pull backwards out of a harness ... my Dad calls me Piiiig cos he was wrestling me on the floor when I tried to get out of it, I always have a slip lead on too now and you will need to make sure I can't do it again.
I am quite timid of people until I know you and can duck if a hand is raised near me and I run off to hide if you shout but once I know I can trust you ... I'll always be on your knee.
I'm a bit of a bugger when I'm out with other dogs cos I jump up n down shouting at them so you need to teach me how to behave and to stop doing it.
I am not spayed and will only be rehomed with a neutering contract in place .... this can only be done 3 months after I have been in season.
I love to watch animals on the TV and so far I have lost an elephant and 2 hippo's ... they just vanished round the corner !
I do not want to live with children or other small furry things.
Mum doesn't know if I should live with another dog because of my history but if you are sensible, she will talk to you about me
Mum n Dad adore me and want me to stay but I need my own home where I can be the star of the show
Are you the right family for me ? 



You have a new dog.
Some things to remember 

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