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Adopting a DAS Dally


We ask that you do not email us to ask about adoption if there are no dogs available

If you feel you have the time, love and care to give a furever home to one of our gorgeous Dalmatians, then please email us ONLY when you think a dog suitable for you is advertised and an application form can be sent to you - info@dasdogs


We would ask that you complete the questions on this form with honesty, as it forms the basis for selecting the right dog for you. 


DAS Dalmatians does not rehome on a first come, first served basis but matches owners with the dog.  This has proved very successful over the years as very few dogs are returned to us. 


It is not possible for you to meet the dog you are adopting as it will still be in it's original home ..... if this is not what you want to do, then we ask that you do not ask for an application form.


All DAS dogs are assessed by our experienced volunteers before being advertised.

Once the adoption registration form has been approved then a home assessment will be made.  This is completed by appointment and helps to ensure that everything is in place for the adoption to take place.

There is an expectation that the adopter will travel a reasonable distance to pick up their new member of the family.  Where great distances need to be travelled, then a DEFRA approved transporter will need to be used at the adopters expense.

An non refundable deposit is taken when the adoption is agreed and an adoption contribution is required 7 days before you collect your new friend. These are detailed on the form. 


The adoption contribution helps us to do what we do and is used for the dogs in our care.

Dogs available to adopt will be advertised on this page and on our Facebook page. 

Surrendering your dog 

There are many reasons why your dog may need to be rehomed - family circumstances, behavioural difficulties or change in personal circumstances are just a few. 


We recognise that this is not a decision which is taken lightly.

Lockdown and Covid saw many puppies being bought. Many of these dogs were not socialised and problems are now arising as people have returned back into the workplace.

 If the decision to re home has been made then we would ask that you contact us, whatever the circumstances and we will do our best to help.

If you already have another rescue involved then we ask that you do not waste what could be hours of our time by asking us to help too - We wish you all the best with your dog.

We will not judge you, but we do ask for honesty when completing questions regarding your dog.  This helps us in deciding their future home.

 In the first instance you will be asked to complete a dog first contact form for your dog.  This includes a little about your dog such as medical history, food eaten, likes and dislikes etc.


Your dog's vet history will also be obtained.

One of our volunteers will then contact you to come and assess the dog.

Our aim is to find the most suitable home and family for your dog, to ensure their continued care and happiness. 


Unlike other rescues, we provide updates if required to put your mind at ease but this is done via the rescue not directly with the new owner.

A surrender form will then need to be filled in and returned to us.

We also liaise with other rescues, vet practices, social services and police forces around the UK.

We also take elderly dogs and end of life dogs to make sure they live their days out in comfort


We do what we do to ensure the dogs are happy in their new lives.


Dogs available to adopt

If you think you fit the criteria for a particular dog, we ask that you email us for an application form

My name is Blue






















I am 7 years old

I have a broken ear but can hear the fridge door open from outside !


I currently live with another male spotty and we had a bit of a 'do' 2 years ago but we have been ok since then, we like to play and cuddle but we now bark and growl at each other so we are kept apart as it is safer for us all

I am still living at home with my family in the Midlands


My Mum and Dad have an ankle biter that is starting to move around now and I have no idea what it is going to do, it scares me


I’m not let off my lead as I sometimes like to ignore my parents and I am very strong while walking


The dog I live with doesn’t like a lot of other dogs so maybe I have got his bad habits but when I’m out on my own I'm ok, we walk the other way and I don’t bark


I’d like to be fed on my own too so I know no one is going to steal my food


I like to steal off the cupboards cos there is sometimes yummy things left on there that I can reach


I met some really nice people who came to see me and I was a good boy - I took treats gently, I sat and gave paw and gave them cuddles and jumped up to give kisses

This is what they said about me.....

" I went to meet Blue in his current home and he is a stunning boy, incredibly well mannered and would be a great addition to a home.

He has had a lot of changes in his life and needs a new setting to suit his needs.

I'm stunned he hasn't been snapped up yet "


My family love me and want what is best for me –

My Mum thinks I may be able to live with another dog but you need to be sensible and introduce us properly

( If I do not get along with the other dog in the house, my Mum has said she will let me go back home ) 





I’d like you to be at home a lot but am ok when left at home if you are at work

I’d like to go for walks and maybe meet some other dogs so I know they are not scary when I’m out



sanctuary, rescue, rehome, adopt, welfare, dalmatian
sanctuary, rescue, rehome, adopt, welfare, dalmatian, liver spots

My name is Freddie 

sanctuary, rescue, rehome, adopt, welfare, dalmatian, liver spots, deaf

I am 1 year old and I am deaf

My family advertised me for sale on the internet as they didn't have time for me anymore but they kept the other dogs and my brother

I was petrified when I arrived at DAS but my Mummy Sue has worked with me and now I'm a very happy boy and have made friends here with the other furry kids

I had never been let off my lead till I got here and now I can run and run and run !

I can live with kids over the age of 10

I can live with other dogs

I lived with cats too

I am crate trained and sleep in it over night with a cover over it

I am used to being left for half a day

I will need some training as non has ever been done with me but I learn quickly

Please don't let me being deaf put you off - Mummy Sue says I'm very clever and easy to teach !

I'd like a nice family to love me and take care of me furever

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