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The majority of dogs go directly to their new home from their old one and can be located anywhere in the UK, it will not be possible for you to meet them prior to adoption. We go and meet and assess all the dogs and pass all the relevant information on to prospective adopters and provide a life time rescue back up to all the dogs.................if this is not the way you want to proceed, then please do not apply to adopt from us.

If you feel you have the time, love and care to give a furever home to one of our gorgeous Dalmatians, then please complete a registration form for adoption.  We would ask that you complete the questions on this form with honesty, as it forms the basis for selecting the right dog for you.  DAS Dalmatians does not rehome on a first come, first served basis but matches owners with the dog.  This has proved very successful as very few dogs are returned to us. 

Once the adoption registration form has been approved then a home assessment will be made.  This is completed by appointment and helps to ensure that everything is in place for the adoption to take place.

Photographs will be available and information on the dogs’ personality and circumstances will be given.

If a dog is not neutered, then it will be re homed with a neutering contract in place and must be done at the appropriate age.

There is an expectation that the adopter will travel a reasonable distance to pick up their new member of the family.  Where great distances need to be travelled, then volunteers will transport the dog between certain towns forming a ‘dally train’ so the dog reaches the destination required.

 Like other rescues we ask for an adoption contribution.  These are detailed on the form.  This helps us to do what we do and is used for the dogs in our care



To adopt a dog from us:

1 - download the adoption application from below

2 - Complete the form. If you live in rented accommodation, please attach a copy of the letter from your landlord giving you permission to have a dog/dogs..... if you do not attach the letter, we cannot proceed

3 - Return it to the e mail address on the bottom of the form with all the information needed and if all is ok then........


4 - Have a home check - one of our volunteers will contact you to arrange an appointment

5 - Chat with us

6 - If your application is approved, wait for a suitable dog




Poppy is 7 years old and spayed.

She is an absolute sweetheart and loves to cuddle on your knee.

She also loves to play like a boy and have a good rough and tumble.

She is fabulous with everything !

She can live with children of all ages

If you want to be my family, please download the form below.

Information about adoption and what to expect is detailed above.



My name is Panda and I am 6 years old, I also have broken ears ..... I am deaf.

Mum says I am cheeky, cuddly, gobby and so lovable.

I came from a raided 'sanctuary' in May and am now available to adopt ........  I  fell in love with Auntie Sues son when he visited for Christmas and I smothered him in kisses every time I saw him.

I can be sensitive about my ears being touched but now I trust her I will let Mum stroke them gently and give them kisses.  She says because of this I need to be with older children only ( over 13 )  that will understand about my ears and not play with them

If you want to be my furever family , please download the form below.

Information about adoption and what to expect is detailed above.



My Name is Snogga and I am 6 years old. 

I  also came from the 'sanctuary' that was raided

Mum was told I was a cross bred Dalmatian but as you can see I am an American Bulldog.


I am also deaf. 

I am called Snogga cos...... all I do is kiss you!!!

I love all the other dogs here 

I can climb and jump over 6 foot fencing if I want to and can also climb out of windows ... luckily we live in a stable and have no upstairs !

Mum says I am a lovely boy who spent my life from 6 months old in hell and so deserves the best home


I can only live with children over the age of 13

If you want to be my furever family , please download the form below.

Information about adoption and what to expect is detailed above.



My name is Bounty and I am nearly 4 years old

I am not spayed

I am here at DASville being assessed

I am a small bouncy girl who loves to give kisses and cuddles

I have met some of the other dogs here and Paloma is my friend

I can only live with children over 13


You have a new dog.
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