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My Name is Haribo. 

This is my story. 


When I came to Mum and Dad's I weighed 64kg!

This is me now! Mum and Dad saved me.  They tell me I am handsome and call me Lord Haribo (amongst other things!)

I came here in September 2017 aged 5 from the North East, I was very overweight tipping the scales at 64kg (10 stone in old measures) I was a very big boy. 

When I was 6 months old, I was castrated, which is too young to have it done. It turned out that I was a stone former and I then kept blocking …. being castrated too young can stop your urethra growing and stop stones passing …… I then had to have a urethrostomy when I was only 1 year old. 


I have arthritis in my joints and toes and walk strangely because of my hips.  When I arrived here I could hardly walk, I shuffled around on my bottom. I then developed a large horrific hole in one of my legs and my vet bills were astronomical and Mum said I was a waddling crock! 


The hole in my leg was horrible and it’s a good job I had Mum as my nurse or I might not have got better, she cleaned it and re dressed it every day for me….. she did threaten to kill me on several occasions though cos she had to wrap nappies around it to stop it leaking everywhere….I loved to pull them off !!  We went through some tough times together and Mum was scared I might have had to be PTS if my wounds got infected or did not heal. Pictures below (but don't look if you are squeamish).


My Mum is amazing and she looked after it and made me better.  Not only did she make my leg better she fed me smaller amounts and I lost weight so now I am a big lean boy. My hips still have problems and I have had laser treatment for it.  I got to wear really cool glasses too when it was happening, I also sometimes go to hydrotherapy.


I am 7 now and a lot bigger than some of my Dalmatian brothers and sisters and I still need painkillers and supplements to help my joints. My Mum says I am a right royal pain in the bum sometimes but she still loves me and I totally love her and Dad.


Mum and Dad call me all kinds of names. She called me Haribo because I am the sweetest boy! I am also called Harigob because I am noisy and always have something to say.  I am also Lord Haribo because I look a bit Regal.


A while ago I went with Mum and Dad to London with my brother MOuse and we had a photo shoot with some models who wore black and white clothes and very expensive jewellery. We had our photographs in a magazine……imagine me, Haribo who weighed 64kg being a model!! I couldn’t have dreamed of that before I found my Mum and Dad. So here I am with lots of brothers and sisters, being loved and playing amongst the hay bales.


Thank you Mum and Dad for looking after me, I love you so much.

( It is an honour to have you in our lives Hari. You are the cheekiest monster and we adore you, Mum xxx )


​This is me and MOuse living it up in London


Below are pictures of the hole in my leg.  Mum dressed it every day so that it got better.