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How It All Began

Dalmatian happy in the field
Dalmatian EC
Dalmatian, Haribo

DAS Dalmatians was born in May 2016…….. A madcap idea brought about by a love for the breed and wanting to help people and their spotty dogs. 

DAS ..... Dave And Sue 

Sue very sadly had to return her first dally back to the rescue she came from and vowed that one day she would try to help others in the same situation and that she would let people know how their dogs were when she could…. She was never allowed to know what happened to Milly or even if she was happy and settled.


When Sue says she understands how you feel, she really does and will always do her best to help you and your dog.

Sue and Dave applied to adopt a dalmatian from a rescue in the UK in autumn 2015 but were told that they could not have an older female to be a companion to elderly Thor, they should adopt a younger dog. This was not what they wanted to do, they wanted an older dog. Someone sent them a photo of a beautiful 12 year old girl with blue eyes behind bars in Spain and they fell in love instantly ...... EC lived to be very nearly 17 and is greatly missed by them. 

Sue was then one of the pioneers in setting up the Spanish Dalmatian Rescue early in 2016. The rescue was set up with Dave designing a logo and paperwork for them to use. They were asked to re home more and more dogs but due to disorganisation by others, Sue left and the idea of DAS was born.

The rescue idea was a hotly discussed topic in Dave and Sue’s house, with her saying no for so long and that it would take over their lives ……… little did Dave know how true that would be and he doesn't like dogs!

They were asked to help a puppy in very dire circumstances and the rest is history…..

Neither of them had any experience in helping problem dogs ... they have learned so much over the years.

The rescue snowballed to the point that they needed somewhere with land directly attached to it to accommodate all the kids and to give them room to expand. They weren’t bothered about a house, everything had to be right for the kids. They asked on their Facebook page for anywhere in the UK and that is how they ended up in the south but after 5 years of living in a dark, damp stable and flooding every time it rained plus many other issues, they continued to search for their furever home.

Eventually in April 2022, they thought that they had found their furever home in East Anglia but that too turned into a nightmare for them with their landlord refusing to do essential repairs - the heating and hot water never worked, the house flooded when it rained plus many more issues.

Sue was very lucky to find their new place in the South West and they moved again in September 2022 and they finally have a great landlord. A house that is water tight with working heating and hot water, 5 acres and buildings.....long may they be there and happy !!

Hundreds of dogs have been helped, some staying in their homes, hundreds being re homed, many stopped from being euthanised, always a few permanent DAS Sanctuary dogs, although that number sadly decreases every few months due to losing their precious kids to old age, vets bills paid for non DAS dallies and a whole host of other things that Sue does behind the scenes to help people. It can be emotionally exhausting and many days are spent in tears.

The DAS ‘office’ is the kitchen table. They don’t have time off/days out or holidays as there is no one to look after the kids although some nights they are able to go out to eat and not have to cook !

Sue saves DAS thousands of £'s every year in vet bills by treating the kids herself (she has a cupboard full of goodies as she calls them that can treat all sorts of injuries) of course, anything major or not treatable by her is seen by their vets.

They have Great Danes, all rescues apart from Berrie who is great niece to Donkey. They also had 3 Sarplaninacs, 2 are young and full of energy and Baba their elderly girl sadly died on Dave's birthday in 2021. They also have a deaf American Bulldog who was supposed to be a Dally X Great Dane and Crumble who is a Deerhound.

Very sadly they no longer have any dalmatians of their own due to both of them passing in 2019……. Thor was 15 ½ and had dementia and EC reached the grand old age of 16 and 11 months.

Dave works full time from home but sometimes works away which means that Sue runs everything herself including feeding all the kids 3 times per day and weighing the food out, much better for them all to help prevent GDV. This means that their time is extremely restricted and if they want to go out which is usually for vets appointments or to get dog food or other dog related things, it has to be fitted around the feeding times………..there is always something to do with Dave being the handyman at weekends !!

Looking after all the kids and all it entails and running the sanctuary, is a full time job for several people but Sue does this purely for the love of the furry critters in her care and they always come first……. She is often outside picking up poo in her spotty dressing gown and wellies cos getting dressed takes time 😊 

One thing they never thought of when setting up was the emotional toll it would take on them and how it smashes their hearts to pieces every time they have to say goodbye to one of their precious kids.... as of August 2022, they have said goodbye to 26 kids in their care that have crossed the rainbow bridge :( 

Dave and Sue’s lives are completely dedicated to helping others that need it.

DAS Dalmatians is the only UK  sanctuary for the breed ... here, they can spend the rest of their days in comfort being loved and receiving the treatment they need ... DAS has recently invested in their own laser therapy machine as a few of the oldies find it traumatic and difficult to be taken out.

Sue's love of deaf kids started when they were asked to take in MOuse and Logan a few months after they set up.........they are the most wonderful kids who are just like all the others.

They rely on donations to help them keep going and also their wonderful Fundraising lady Shirley is a miracle worker.

They are blessed to have so many dedicated supporters who without their kindness and generosity, they could not keep helping the dogs that need them.

If you would like to help Dave and Sue to continue to do what they do or have any ideas on how to help or raise funds, please e mail

Thank you

Dalmatian on beach
Dalmatian Imposter
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