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Ashes Memorial Items

These ashes keepsakes are made by Sue

She decided to make them after looking for something different to wear and keep as a reminder of her much loved Mr Blackwell......

Note from Sue:
Opening Mr B's casket is one of the hardest things both Dave and I have had to do, neither of us knew what to expect. We both cried but in a strange way it was comforting to be able to touch him again and tell him how much we love him and miss him.
Please don't be afraid, only you know if it is something you can do and you will know when the time is right....we're always here to support you.

If you want to chat about your ashes and what you want, just drop me an email:

Each piece is made with dignity and compassion and Sue can often be heard chatting with who she is turning into a keepsake

Why are my prices so low ? ........ because I am not needing to earn a living from making these items and I do it as I enjoy making things. 

I would rather sell 100 items instead of 10 and raise funds for us.........All the profit from making them goes directly to DAS Dalmatians Sanctuary

The profit from these items is going straight into the sanctuary funds


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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