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For those of you who don't know who we are and what we do ..... here is a little insight into the wonderful world of DAS

Just a word of warning, you may occasionally hear colourful language in DAS video's !

May 2018: Weeks of hard graft knocking fence posts into rock hard ground and grappling with 6 foot deer fencing finally paid off when the dogs were able to go into their field for the first time nearly killed us but was so worth it !!

Sadly, quite a few of these dogs are no longer with us, the heart breaking reality of loving and looking after our kids

New home required Please help

September 2017: A couple of weeks after H arrived, we were astonished at how much weight he was losing and then suddnely, he astonished us again by doing his now famous ' Happy Hari upside down dance'.......... not bad for a dog that could hardly walk due to his excessive weight !!

The second video is him a few weeks later when he started to develop a rather large hole in his leg and he discovered that he could run :) 

Oh Scooter, our precious nutter and his 'key' words.

This is how a Betty Boo dane likes to play, nothing better than rolling your Dad down the hill ..... she is one of our much missed kids

Wonky Donkey 
Well Mr Donkers, where to start with you ?
Bought as a puppy, sold on and then new owner couldn't handle him then sadly died. He ran after a dog in the park and was deemed as aggressive so when his family needed help, they were told by Great Dane rescues to have him euthanised ... they never went to meet him or assess him.
He spent months shut in a small kitchen and was not taken out then we were asked to help.
Dave went on a road trip to collect and returned with a thin, manky skinned lad that stank of cigarettes.
With a lot of hard work, overcoming his nervous behaviour Donkels is a member of the DAS critter gang and he's come such a long way from that nervous, no idea how to behave hyper critter that arrived and now knows how to behave.
We loves ya Donks xxx

Paloma Loma Loamy Loony.
Paloma joined us in summer of 2018.
She was going to be PTS  for being a nasty little girly who liked to bite for fun ... as we well found out when we went to get her.
She wanted to rip Dave to shreds, good job she had a muzzle on !
This video is 2 weeks later as she is getting to know us and we are starting to trust each other .. we manged to cut the chain off her neck a few days after.
Loamy is now one of the DAS gang but still hates strangers 

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