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A Day in the life of a Dalmatian Slave

Possum decided last night that he was going to stand outside and bark in the wee small hours so I brought him in ..... he then thought he would bark in the house so I gave him the choice of either a kick up the backside or he could go in a crate and go to sleep, he chose the latter.

Then Bonnie decided that she wanted her bed back....god knows which one she was in but if someone gets in it, she will bark and tell them to sling their hook ........she was given the same choice as Possum and went to sleep on a sofa.

So by 7am, I was not in a good mood and decided as the birds were singing, the horses in the next field were screaming and the dogs were asleep, I'd make as much nosie as possible and wake them all up ........... Oh the joy !!! Feeding time, re fill the dishes, check e mails, answer some and mark some for later, pick up poo, change Hari's dressing, give Zak a cuddle and get lots of kisses back, time for me n Tatty to have our toliet cuddle ....he comes for a snuggle every morning, privacy went out of the window nearly 4 years ago ! COFFEEEEEEEEE Thought I'd carry on mowing the far field, still 50% of it to do.... bloody bale string got caught round the mower and tuc tuc decided to die so walked back to feed dogs at 1pm, re fill dishes..still abandoned iin the field Finished mowing the dog field with the ride on while threatening to kill Fido for the 2nd time in 24 hours .... he has several blankets that he drags around the field and chews to bits, stop the mower, get off, move blanket to bit I've cut, set off again and Fido wants to eat it in my way. Stop mower, get off chase him for banket, grab, walk to other side of field and throw over fence with the other from yesterday, walk back to mower and set off ......... Fido throws a huge paddy and will not move out of my way even when nudging him with the front of mower, get off mower, tell him he's dead meat, he jumps up gives me a kiss n runs off ....... Decided to start cutting the hedges on the track so our cars don't get scratched, about 1% of that done cos my hands and shoulder don't want to work properly from holding the hedge trimmer.... took Bella and Button with me and Button met a horse, she wasn't impressed Still have half a field to mow Dogs to play with and groom Buckets of water to clean and fill Answer e mails and make some calls, speak to the vets about a poorly dog ............ and then at some point I may remember to have something to eat So am now knackered, starving and my hands won't work properly

Fun ? Actually no it's not, it's damned hard work and never ends

Happy dogs ? Yes so worth it 100%


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