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It's been a while ...........

Having a house full of elderly spotty botties can be hazardous in the middle of the night ....... warm poo is much nicer between your toes than cold !

Having 7 oldies is not a future to look forward to with them and having to make such hard decisions about their lives .......... We have lost so many dogs over the last 3 years, something that people don't have to think about so often in a normal life. We love them so much and saying goodbye is heartbreaking.

Tatty aged 14 and 224 days is like a creaking gate, good days then bad days but he still has the fighting spirit and the urge to 'bitey' his Dad :) in his words his back legs are "bungered" so he has a fabulous chariot to ride in when he's had enough..........he is a complete shit head and totally adored.

Tempy is slowing down, she's 13 and 223 days now and still such a gentle loving girl....... how anyone could have had her euthanised is beyond me :(

Zak will be 12 in a few weeks and his back end is failing so he goes to hydrotherapy and the nasty dog with a bite history just loves his Aunty Carly and gives her kisses ! He is such a different dog to the unhappy boy that bit Dave when he went to collect him........he is my shadow and face washer :)

Zena who is Zak's sister will obviously be 12 in a few weeks time too :) She is such a quiet little girl and unfortunately she has dementia. She takes a suppliment to help her but after tea, she is quite withdrawn and stands around a is such a horrible disease to see but she still loves her kisses and knows her name :)

Ollie is now 11 and his right hip is failing, he also has neck problems due to an old injury. Ollie is a plodder with such a cheeky personality ....... he thinks nothing of sticking his cold nose in your face to say hello .........he also now goes to hydro and has laser therapy.

Possum aka Poss Poss is 10 and has Paroxymal Dyskinesia a horrible muscle spasm disease that takes over his body. They can last for over 2 hours where he can twitch and writhe but he understands everything you are saying, so horrible to see and no way to prevent them........... he can have diazepam to calm him if needed. Such a soft lad who likes to nibble your chin !

Penny is 11 and had a horrendous life of abuse and beatings............ she was rescued by a lovely lady who had her for 2 years before her life changed and she came here. She looks at you and you can see her gentle soul .......... how dogs can trust after what humans make them suffer is beyond me. She will spend time just sat next to you.............

Daisy and Louie aren't far off joining the oldies club and the circle of life continues.

All our sancturay dogs regardless of their age are loved and their welfare is paramount ......they simply come first :)


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