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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

To whom it may concern and those that it doesn’t ………

The Dalmatian Adoption Society & Rescue was founded in May2016………..the abuse that followed was totally uncalled for by certain individuals and organisations. DAS was bullied into becoming a Charity which was not something that we wanted to do.

Becoming a Charity significantly affected our fundraising as people have a misguided impression that money is then thrown at you and smaller donations stopped. We can assure you that money is not thrown at you!

Over the last 4 years we have endured more abuse and bullying by these people and others, to the point where we no longer wanted to operate or to be a Charity. In July 2019, the wheels were set in motion to unregister. On 4th February we were finally officially removed from the register…… It was a unanimous decision. Nothing has changed only DAS now has no number.

Gradually over the last few months things have been changing for DAS yet the abuse and accusations continue …. proof that it really doesn’t matter either way and no doubt it will never stop.

Being registered doesn’t make you more important as some believe so we are now happily back in the world of the hundreds of other unregistered non profit rescues that are out there.

The best quote has to be this one ....." Charitable status is like KC registration, it means a modicum of accountability" .... utter bollocks !!! Pity the person who wrote that hasn't got the balls to contact us and ask why we unregistered.

We are still going to care for and love the dogs and take the ones that others will not help, the elderly, the acutely ill and the problem dogs ……… they will always have a safe home here with us.

We will always be an independent, small rescue and remain unaffiliated to any breeders, breed club or rescue. We are not perfect and neither do we pretend to be.

So, don’t forget to share far and wide, I’m sure an awful lot more gossip will continue…..

DAS is as it always was, caring, loving and totally for the dogs.

The DAS Dalmatians Team


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